Here are some of the $2T emergency relief package's benefits

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Direct payments to individuals: $1,200 per taxpayer with income up to $75,000, at which point it’s phased out up to $99,000. Families also get $500/child.

An extension of unemployment benefits: Jobless claims will be available longer, and benefits will be improved for four months. Furloughed workers and freelancers are also eligible.

$150B for state and local governments.

$500B in general corporate aid. $425B of that will be allocated by the Fed through loans to distressed companies. The other $75B is earmarked for hard-hit industries like travel and leisure.

$367B in small-business loans that will be facilitated by community banks. Any portion used to keep staffers or pay critical costs will be forgiven.

$100B for the healthcare system.

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